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Merchant Account Setup

Process for Setting up a Merchant Account

We understand how daunting it can be to look at your payment processing and realize that you are behind the times. When you are unable to accept credit and debit cards you are missing out on a large percentage of business. Once implemented, your ability to accept credit and debit cards will have a dramatic and immediate impact on your sales. We at Card Pay are excited to give you the ability to increase your POS sales by a third or more with our easy and efficient setup process.

The Setup Process

We take the formidable process of setting up your POS to receive credit and debit cards and streamline it for you. To get your business started down the road to accepting credit and debit payment we will simply have you fill out a few documents in our application process that we will use to get you approved that same day.

A short time later we will have the equipment ready to integrate into your POS. We will come out and setup the equipment for you, making sure that everything is functional and working as expected.

If you have an existing POS system, we will analyze your current setup to see what things can be tweaked or tuned to allow you maximum sales efficiency.

Your Productivity is Our Business

We have made it our business to making our clients business more profitable. When you partner with us to streamline your POS you can put your mind at ease, knowing you have industry leading professionals optimizing one of the most important systems in your whole business.

Please call us today at (503) 384-0131 with questions or to setup and appointment to see us. We are excited to help your business achieve a new level of productivity and versatility in today's competitive market.

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